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Thursday, January 5, 2012


December flew by!!! Took lots of video Christmas morning but not too many pictures. I LOVED the fact that the kids were not as interested in the presents as they were about the candy in their stockings. And Reagan ran straight past the presents to see if Rudolph ate the carrots she left for him on the front porch.

Here are the kids playing with the Cheerio book Memaw got them. I think they may be more interested in eating the cheerios than putting them in the book.

Reagan and Bennett playing with their tool bench Santa brought them.

This is the granola bar I found in the tree one day. I guess someone was saving it for later???

The library had a make believe Polar Express one night that we got to go to. The kids wore their Christmas pajamas. It was really cute. They reinacted the movie with tickets, a train conductor, backdrops from the story, and then Santa at the end. Bennett wasn't too crazy about sitting in Santa's lap but LOVED the train.

The Angel Breakfast was a success this year! Each year we have a breakfast for the kids. They eat breakfast, meet Santa, bring a gift for the kids at Scottish Rite Hospital, and get to play games and make a craft.

Reagan got a big hug from Santa. She was so excited to give him her picture that she colored for him. She put it in an envelope with stickers and everything.

I love this one of Bennett waiting to do the bean bag toss. He looks like such a big boy!

Decorating the tree. I think he was more into playing on the step ladder.

We had a Play Group Christmas Party for the kids. This year we had a book exchange and decorated Christmas cookies. This is our attempt at a group picture. You can see everyone's face except for Ava...if you look close you can see part of her head.

Mimi and Pepaw took us to see Disney on Ice! It was so much fun watching their faces light up when Mickey and Minnie and all the Disney characters came out on the ice.

Our friend, Michael, sportin the Santa headband. Too cute!

Reagan, Bennett, and Michael watching the snowglobe.

We did lots of other fun things this year too. We took the kids to see the Trains at Northpark. Reagan got to go to look at Christmas lights at Highland Park with her cousins, Trey and Lane. We attempted to see Arthur Christmas at the movie theater. Not a great idea with our wild man! But mostly we just enjoyed having Tim home and spending time together.


I know it's not November anymore but I'm really behind on my blogging! No good excuses except the holidays kept us busy! These are pics from our Thanksgiving visit from Memaw and David. The kids LOVED playing with David. Bennett got to practice his wrestling moves on David and even though Reagan only gets to see him a couple of times each year, she still talks about David all the time.
Bennett and Memaw looking for bugs.
Tim and David playing at the park.

Cousins are the best!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


We love the fall! Haven't posted in a while so there are several random things to post about. Our attempt to take pics with our pumpkins in the front yard. This is what happens when I tell Bennett to sit in Reagan's lap.

Reagan hugging her pumpkin

Love that sweet grin

Family outing to the park. We found a new park that Bennett can do pretty much everything without any help. So nice!

Reagan getting a little adventurous on what she calls "the spider web"

This week we had lots of playdates. Adeline and Reagan love playing dressup and wanted to take a picture with the little ones. I think Bennett has a crush on Ava. He follows her around the whole time they're at our house. And he's even smiling at her in the picture.

So, I let Michael play with knives just the once

Little kids at work!

Reagan and Brielle are busy fixing something.

Reagan was so excited about Rodeo Day at school yesterday. She was so excited to dress like a cowgirl.

Checkin out her hat

Reagan's buddy, Allison heading into school on Rodeo Day

Today we went to a little local farm to feed the animals and go on a hayride. Both kids were a little unsure about the animals. Tim's showing Reagan that there's nothing to be afraid of.

So proud of Bennett for feeding the cow!

Even if it did freak him out with it's long tongue! Poor guy!

This is as close to a goat that Reagan would get.

Then I bribed her with some fruit snacks. Yea Reagan!

Waiting for the hayride! So excited!

Our little family!

Me and my girl

Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Haircut and Zoo

We didn't want to cut Bennett's hair but he was starting to look shaggy. We took him to get his first haircut today and there just happened to be one of those frozen yogurt places right next door. He did really well for the first half but then started getting upset towards the end. But he survived and was so happy to get a balloon afterwards...his very favorite thing. Reagan was excited about the chocolate ice cream.

Not sure what to think yet. The lady was so sweet and was making all of these loud crazy noises.

Starting to get a little worried. Big crocodile tears!

Trying to be a big boy.

All done! He looks so different without the curls! Maybe they'll grow back...

It was a perfect day for the zoo. Me and a couple of my girlfriends took our kiddos to the zoo and it was not crowded, overcast, and perfect! We had a great day.

Great view of the cheetah

Allison, Reagan, and Alyssa on the turtle

Bennett was so happy I actually let him out of the stroller for a few minutes.

Beautiful girls!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family trip to Build a Bear

Nana got Reagan a Build A Bear gift certificate for her bday and we finally got to go use it tonight. She was so excited yet a little overwhelmed when we walked in. She thought the green panda was the funniest coolest thing there so that's what she chose. Apparently it's made of soy and they plant a tree if you buy him. So there's our contribution to the environment today.

This is Reagan and the bear she later named "Cody" before they stuffed him. She looks a little worried about what they're gonna do to him.

Cody being stuffed. Bennett thought it was pretty great too!

Cody all dressed and getting a big bear hug.

Had to take a picture of this. Reagan wanted to carry the box herself but there's not much room left for her in the stroller.

I guess I should explain this...on the car ride home we were discussing that today was Cody's bday. Reagan wanted to bake him a cake when we got home. Tim mysteriously stopped at the grocery store by our house on the way home and wouldn't tell us what he was going in for. He came out with a bday cake for Cody! Reagan was ecstatic. This is us singing Happy Birthday to Cody. Are we the cheesiest family or what?!